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Welcome to BLACKHAWK LUBRICANTS! We are excited to announce that our launch in 2019 will be industry leading. Partnered with the most advanced engineers and triboloigist who have procured a GLOBAL footprint, it is time for the next level of lubrication technology to make its way to mainstream users. BLACKHAWK LUBRICANTS main focus is nanoscience surface friction technology. What is nanoscience you might ask? Nanoscience is the study of structures and materials on the scale of nanometers. A nanometer is a unit of spatial measurement that is 10-9 meter, or one billionth of a meter. The nanometer is often used to express dimensions on an atomic scale. Simply put we are designing lubricants based off a scale of surface engineering that the naked eye cannot see. Awesome, right? This amazing technology allows us to see exactly what is happening to surfaces on such a small scale that we can engineer lubricants to combat any damage that might occur, avoiding mechanical wear or even worse, failure.

Our products target a wide range of machines including but not limited to motorcycles, atv/utv, boats and other high performance applications. We have also designed a premium multi-purpose lubricant spray along with a boat hull cleaner. We are striving everyday to bring proven products to customers that they can know and trust!


Partnered with NanoTech Industrial Solutions we work hard to bring you the best of the best. Check out this short clip provided by them to show the benefits of nano technology and their amazing IF-WS2 product.

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